How to Modify a User's Course Status

Learn how to modify a user's course status as a PASS curriculum management administrator by watching this short video. 

Video: Modify a Course Status (0125)

Or follow these quick steps: 

  • Log into PASS.
  • Click on the User List.
  • Find the user using the filters and/or search boxes.
  • Click the Course Assignments icon mceclip0.png next to the user name.
  • Update the course with the options available listed next to the course: mceclip1.pngwill complete the course, mceclip2.png will reset the course, and mceclip3.pngwill remove the course from the user's learning.
  • When prompted to verify the action taken, click Yes.
Note: Practicums can not be udpated to a completed status through PASS, if you need to complete a Practicum, submit a ticket with PromisePoint Product Support. 
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