How to Add a Just in Time Message

Learn how to add a just in time message as a PASS Message Administrator by watching this short video.

Video: Add a Just in Time Message (1150)

Or follow these quick steps:

  • Log into PASS.
  • Click Messages in the PromisePoint Content section.
  • Click New Message.
  • In the Type tab, document the email title; then select the message type.
  • Click Next.
  • In the Audience tab, select the location and department; then click Next.
Note: Click anywhere outside the drop-down menus to close them.
  • In the Message tab, document the message subject.
  • Type the email message.
Note: Use the Content Tips field to copy and paste personalization fields to the email.
  • Scroll down to add a video or other link.
  • Click Add Link.
  • Enter the link title.
  • Enter the link URL; then click Update.
  • Enter the order in which the link will show in the email.
Note: If there is only one link, type 1.
  • Repeat steps 10-12 to add more attachments or links; then click Save.
  • Click the Send icon. Messages are sent every hour on the half hour.
Notes: • The Test Message icon allows you to see what the message will look like sent. • The Edit icon allows you to revise the message. You can only do this before you send the message.
  • Click the Home icon.


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