How to Add a Curriculum or User Group to a user

Learn how to add a curriculum or user group to a user as a PASS Curriculum Management administrator by watching this short video. 

Video: Add Curriculum or User Group (1030)

Or follow these quick steps: 

  • Log into PASS.
  • Click PromisePoint User List.
  • Find the user using the filters and/or search boxes, and click Search.
  • Click the Pencil icon mceclip0.png next to the user’s name to edit their profile.
  • Click the Manage user individually sliding bar mceclip3.png
Note: To manually add a curriculum or a user group, the user profile needs to be set to manage individually. Once this setting is changed, their user profile will no longer be updated through the bulk loader. 
  • Click Edit Curriculums mceclip4.png
  • Click the Curriculum drop-down arrow; then select the desired curriculum.
  • Click Add.
  • You can perform the same steps if a user group needs to be added by clicking on the User Group option mceclip5.png
Note: To see the updates, click Return to PromisePoint User List. Then, perform your search again.  





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