Just In Time Message Tracking

This qrg describes how to use Just In Time Message Tracking, an option released in PASS 1.13.0, under the Content Management module. Just In Time Message Tracking allows a PASS Message administrator to create and send messages in PASS based on a PromisePoint user's location and department, with links and attachments. 

To use this feature perform these steps:

1.)  From within PASS, click on Messages, under the PromisePoint Content menu:

2.) Then, the Messages page will display; click, New Message:

3.) On the Type tab, key in the Title of the message and click Next:


4.)  Then, on the Audience tab, configure the Location and Department for the PromisePoint users the message will be sent to; then, click Next:

NOTE: The fields will only show the number of selections checked, or it will display All selected if all selections were selected. It doesn't list the locations and departments specifically: 

5.) On the Message tab, begin creating your message by first keying in the Subject of the message. Then, key in the message.

The message can also be formatted and customized to your preference, and an image can be added by copying and pasting it in or inserting it from another webpage. And a link can also be included, by using the option available to Add Link at the bottom.

Once the message has been created, click Save:

6.) Once the message is created and saved, you can test and review it by clicking on the envelope next to where the message is listed, back on the Messages page:

 7.)  Key in the email address for the test, and click, Send, to send the message:

8.) The test message will then be sent to the email keyed in within minutes, and will display as [email protected]:


9.) Once the message has been received successfully and reviewed, the message can be edited if necessary, by clicking the pencil icon, or it can be sent to the learners in the location and department that was set up upon creation, by clicking the paper airplane icon: 

This will queue the message, and the message will process at the next process time, at the bottom of every hour and sent from [email protected]. 

Once queued the message will remain and its status updated, but at this point is no longer available to edit or send.  

Note: These links and attachments may be displayed in all devices, if the doc types and programs are loaded on the device. If its a link to a login page the recipent will still have to login if necessary to view the link. If a link to a PromisePoint course is sent, the course needs to be designed for the device the student is using.


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