Location level administration for Vendors


The Location level administration has been created to restrict administration at the location level. This functionality is available in PASS release 1.13.0 and higher. 

Location level administration restricts administration for PASS User Admins and ILT Session Admins to only one Location. 

User Management

The Vendor PASS User Admin can only view and manage PromisePoint users at their location level. 

  • Sign into PASS
  • Under PromisePoint User Management, click 1. PromisePoint user list 

  • The PromisePoint user list page displays with the Location field defaulting to the admin's assigned location/level. See the example circled, in the following screen shot:


  • From here the PASS user administrator can search PromisePoint users only at the designated location. A user admin can assign PromisePoint users as facilitators and instructors and assign curriculums. 

ILT Management 

Location Session Admin can create sessions and manage the roster at the designated locaton. 

Create or Edit a Session

  • From within PASS, under Instructor Led Training Management, click on 2. Session Scheduler

  • The Session Scheduler page displays with the training rooms defaulting to the configured admin's location level on hte left and circled in the following screen shot. 


  • To create a session, double click on a cell in the session scheduler. 
  • The ILT Session administrator can only create or edit sessions for the location and rooms assigned to their location level, and/or add facilitators and instructors from their location level. 

Note: Only instructors and facilitators in the location level of the PASS admin can be added to the session.


Manage Roster

  • From within Session Scheduler find a session and right click and select Session Roster.

  • In the Student Name field type a letter to begin searching the directory. All the names listed will be from the location assigned to the Admin. Choose a name and click, Enroll to enroll the student in the session.


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