How to update a user's Hire Date

When a user/learner is first added to PromisePoint, the system stores a user create date.  PromisePoint then uses the create date to automatically populate the user's Hire Date.   As an example, if a user is uploaded on January 1, 2020.  PromisePoint uses 01/01/2020 to populate the Hire Date.


A user's Hire Date can be updated by adding Hire Date column to the bulk load file.  In the example below, the date 11/17/2023 is inserted as the Hire Date.   The format of the hire date must be MM/DD/YYYY.  It is recommended that this column be made optional so that if there is no date in the column for a particular user the update will not fail. 

In order to add this column, you must contact the PromisePoint Support team to ensure the system is configured to accept the additional column.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 081433.png

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