How to upload a user bulk load file through PASS

Bulk File PASS administrators can upload a user bulk load file directly from the Bulk load history page. 

To do this, from the PASS menu, select the option: Bulk load history.

Then, click the Upload a Bulk File button:


To select your bulk file, click the Choose File button: 

This will open a window where you can browse to find and select your bulk file:

Then click the upload button to upload the file:

The file is uploaded; other bulk files may be added too to run more then 1 file.

The bulk file can be processed by our automated times or it can be launched immediately.


To run the file/s now, select the Back button:

Then from the bulk load page select the Process Client Bulk Loads Now:

You can tell the file was uploaded through PASS if the file source reads Direct Load:



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