How to use and manage Document Manager

Learn how to Utilize Document Manager as a PromisePoint file admin by watching this short video that covers adding the document, adding a category, and searching for the document.

Video: Utilize Document Manager (0026)

Or follow these quick steps:

Add a Document

  • Login to PromisePoint.
  • Click the Resources icon.
  • Click the appropriate category folder.
  • Click the appropriate subcategory folder, if necessary.
  • Click Add File.
  • Enter the name of the document in the Title field.
Note: All document titles must be unique; they cannot be duplicated.
Note: If you are linking to a URL instead of a document, click the URL radio button.
  • Click Browse.
  • Navigate to where you saved the file on your computer.
  • Click the file.
  • Click Open.
  • Enter a description in the Description field, if needed.
  • Enter search terms in the Metadata/Keywords field.
Note: Use a comma to separate search terms.
  • Click the Expand icon to drill down to the appropriate category.
  • Select the appropriate category check box(es).
  • Click Submit.

To add a new category 

  •  Click Add Category.
  •  Enter the category title in the Title field.
  • Click the parent category drop-down arrow.
  • Click the category you want your new category to fall under.
  • Click Submit.
Note: Documents can be added to more than one category.


Search for a Document

  • Click the Resources icon.
  • Enter your search term in the Search all documents field.
  • Click Search.


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