How to Add Yourself as the Session Instructor

Learn how to add yourself as the session instructor as a PASS ILT Instructor/Roster Administrator by watching this short video.

Video: Add Yourself as the Session Instructor (0135)

Or follow these quick steps:

  • Log into PASS to access the session scheduler.
  • From within the session scheduler, use the filters to find the session. In this tutorial, we select the appropriate Training Room check box.
Note: You can filter information by Training Room, Events, or Instructors. 
  • Click Apply. The calendar displays the selected training rooms.
  • Click Month.
  • Click the Calendar Right Arrow icon to locate the session, if needed.
  • Click List View. Information for current and future sessions display.
  • Hover over the left side of the event you want to add yourself to; then click Edit.
  • Edit Session window displays.
  • Click in the Instructor field.
  • Enter the first characters of your username. Results display below.
  • Click the appropriate username. Your name populates the Instructors field.
Note: You can remove yourself from a session by clicking the Red X icon to the right
of your name.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Close.


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