How to Schedule a New Session

Learn how to schedule a new session as a PASS Administrator with the ILT Session role by watching this short video:

Video: Schedule a New Session (0130)

Or follow these quick steps:

  • Log into PASS.
  • Click Session Scheduler.
  • Select the appropriate Training Room check box.
Note: You can filter information by Training Room, Events, or Instructors. 
  • Click Apply. The calendar displays the selected training rooms.
  • Click the Calendar icon.
  • Click the appropriate date. The calendar displays the selected date.
  • Click the first 30 minute cell of the session time; then drag your cursor down until
    the full time of the session highlights.
  • Right-click the selected cells; then click Create Session. The Create Session
    window displays.
• Required fields display in gray.
• Information pre-populates some fields based on your previous selections.
  • Click the Event drop-down arrow; then click the appropriate event.
  • Update the Session Capacity field, if needed.
Note: The Session Capacity field defaults to the room’s actual capacity. 
  • Click Save.
  • Click Close.


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