Assigning reports access to PromisePoint users

PASS administrators with the User Admin role can assign reporting access to PromisePoint users in PASS. 

More information about PromisePoint's Reporting function can be found here.

Assigning Access

The below process will detail how to assign reporting access to a user in PromisePoint.

  1. Log into PASS at<your organization>.
  2. Select PromisePoint user list.

  3. Search for the user to assign reporting access to.
  4. Click on the Edit icon incon.png for the user.
  5. Select Edit User Groups on the left hand side of the window.


  6. If the user is not individually managed then click the slider at the top of the window to manage the user individually.
  7. In the user groups drop down select the desired reporting level of access and click the add button.

 Users will need to log out of their PromisePoint community and back in to see the change in access.

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